The Travis Creek Difference

The Travis Creek Difference

Why choose Travis Creek Homes?

We know there are many homebuilders to choose from, but a few qualities separate Travis Creek Homes from the rest of the herd. First and foremost is our emphasis on personal service and communication. Other builders may promise you personal service, while they juggle ten, twenty or more “projects” in addition to yours.

By contrast, we limit the number of custom homes we build each year so we can provide individual, personal attention to each home and each homeowner. It’s a key part of our business plan. You see, we don’t want to grow big. We want to grow better.

The second reason gets down to communication, which after 35 years of marriage, we have developed into a fine art. We understand our job is “to listen” to you and your ideas about your home. We can work from plans you already have, or you can take advantage of our design/build approach, where we turn your vision into a new home.

Third, we enjoy building custom homes, and we share your feelings of joy and accomplishment as you walk through the door of your new, finished home. So let’s:

Build a great home. Have fun. Be friends at the end.